Our Services

01 Civil works

Agrosonda has participated with the specialty of Civil Works in about 75% of the executed contracts, among which are Land Movements, Massive Excavations, Civil Works in High Voltage Courtyards, Civil Works associated with Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plants, Plants Treatment, Sewerage, Roads, Architecture, Fluvial Management, etc.

02 EPC

It has made more than 40 contracts of this type, for Hydroelectric Power Plants, Thermoelectric Power Plants and Substations, with scope of contracts that range from Basic Engineering to Commissioning, including Environmental Permits, Detailed Engineering, definition of scope, Equipment Acquisitions, Civil Works, Assembly, Commissioning, Energization and Operation Guarantee.

03 Erection

Agrosonda has executed more than 45 contracts related to Hydroelectric Power Plants in all its assembly specialties.

Additionally, it has carried out assemblies and disassemblies of more than 3,000 MW in Thermal Generation Units, including repairs, maintenance, supply of supplies and spare parts.

Likewise, it has executed more than 60 contracts that include, among other activities, Underground Cable Laying, Equipment Supplies, Substations and High Voltage Lines. Among other items, Agrosonda has also participated in the Wood, Refinery and Works Industry

04 Operation & maintenance

Agrosonda has specialized in Operation and Maintenance of Hydroelectric Power Plants. From 2000 to 2009, it carried out the maintenance of the Endesa Hydroelectric Plants (currently Enel, covering more than 3,500 MW in 15 plants) between Ovalle and Puerto Montt, as well as the Operation and Maintenance of the Cachapoal Hydroelectric Complex (Pacific Hydro, 182 MW in 3 power stations), between 2005 and 2017. Currently, it executes the maintenance contract for the San Andrés and El Paso power plants, totaling 100 MW.