01 Our history

Ingeniería Agrosonda was founded in 1984 by the Civil Engineers of the University of Chile, Hugo and Juan León Babarovic, having as main activity the development of Civil Works and Architecture. To date, he has executed more than 375 contracts. With the passing of time, and derived from the need of the clients to have Multidisciplinary Contractors, specialties involving the Electromechanical Assembly were incorporated, focused mainly on the installation of Substations, Electric Transmission Lines as well as Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plants, period in which important contracts were made for the main clients of the country. As of the year 2000, Agrosonda began in a new field, such as the Operation and Maintenance of Generation and Transmission Systems, having participated to date in the O & M of 25 plants with 3,900 MW.

In 2005, Agrosonda became heavily involved in a new service, such as EPC contracts, which currently represent a large part of our work.

On the other hand and continuing in the permanent search for excellence and greater penetration in each of the markets where we participate, since 2013 the Agrosonda group participates in the electricity generation business with a direct participation in the company PMGD Bio Bio Negrete, a through which operates 3 Mini Hydroelectric Power Plants, which generate approximately 16 GWh / year, equivalent to the electricity needed to power 7.000 homes with 100% clean and sustainable energy, contributing to the protection of our environment in a concrete way to a better world for future generations.


02 Our vision

We aspire that our customers are always our customers.

03 Our mission

To assume as our own the challenges of our clients, delivering them tailored solutions, through a Close, Committed and Effective Management.


04 Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E)

Continuously improve the processes associated with Occupational Safety and Health of its workers, achieve the best working conditions, making an effective Control of Operational Risks, within the Company and in our operations, as well as guarantee the commitment in the prevention of accidents, damages and professional diseases.

05 Ethical code